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Tyler James Gipe

Growing up in southern California, Tyler attended the school at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa from 2nd grade through high school. His parents were new Christians in his elementary years which laid the foundation for a Christian home. He was active in church, surfing, sports, photography and mission trips. His relationship with the Lord started at an early age, though it wasn't without flaws and room to grow.

Going to college at UCSD had it's spiritual challenges. Tyler was introduced to many world views, even straying from his walk with Christ for a time in the searching process. Wanting to experience life to the full in the prime of his youth, he made decisions he has since been forgiven for and learned great lessons from. After college he was blessed with an opportunity to serve in Ireland as a surf instructor with fellow believers. His devotion to Christ and first steps of full surrender to Him began there.

It was after returning from his trip to Ireland that Tyler met his wife Lindsay. They fell in love instantly and realized God had brought them together to serve Him as one. Tyler was hired as one of the four staff members at NCL. He was able to use his gifts in graphic design, worship and teaching. He is extremely blessed where the Lord has led him and will continue serving Him in every aspect of his life.